New Zealand Schools have a wide range of curriculum guidance documents provided by the Ministry of Education and resource material that makes developing the teaching programs in our schools a simple task. New Zealand Schools are also working through personalising the curriculum to better suit our communities through the revised curriculum released in 2007 and the recent National Standards documentation makes this an interesting time for school leaders, teachers, Boards of Trustees, parents and students. 
The Gardens School is focussed on improving student achievement across a wide range of subjects, many of which have traditionally been taught in New Zealand schools and some such as Technology and Second Languages are more recent inclusions. At The Gardens School we consider that the strong foundations of literacy and numeracy are essential before a child can maximise learning opportunities in many of these other subject areas.
During the first couple of years at school students’ work solidly to gain a good understanding of skills in literacy, working mainly on a theme based approached which allows them to explore other subject areas while improving targeted literacy skills. As the child moves up the school students use their strong literacy understanding and begin to move into inquiry learning.
 Children are monitored individually in literacy and frequent assessments are available to teachers to inform next phase teaching on an individual basis.
Numeracy is also a core focus and the instructional program follows numeracy project. Our school also requires each student to work on the Mathletics website to improve basic skills and knowledge. 
Information Communication Technology (ICT) is an essential part of the programs at The Gardens School. Children have regular access to ICT and are expected to develop skills and independence to improve their ability to keep pace with the 21st Century learning. 
Our school also offers learning programs with a variety of specialist staff. We offer technology in our Poutama Centre, Spanish as a second language, music- both singing and instrumental, physical education and opportunities to participate in team sports. We also offer opportunities for film, radio station, leadership, public speaking and Environmental education.

The Gardens School, through the New Zealand Curriculum offers excellent learning opportunities and produces confident, accomplished, articulate learners.