To determine that an enrolee and family live in-zone, documentation  (as per attached) must be produced and verified before an enrolment pack is issued.  To ensure the enrolment process is conducted in a timely manner, we suggest getting in touch with us a minumum of six weeks prior to your child's 5th birthday.

Please see the zone map attached below.  This yellow shaded area outlines our school zone (please note, all of Henriette Place IS included).  If you are uncertain whether your home is in-zone, please contact the school directly.


Out of Zone Applications:

The Board will consider applications from out-of-zone siblings (Category 2) twice per year, in March and September.  If enough places are deemed availble, a ballot will be held.  

In September of each year, the Board looks at number projections for the following year and may consider entry for out-of-zone students under Category 1 - Special Programmes (E-Learning), this usually only applies to entry at Year 7/8.

No other out-of-zone places are currently available.

The Board will not consider applications previously found to be fradulent, or suspected to be fradulant, under ANY out-of-zone ballot.

The Board will take action against fradulent enrolment applications, under the Crimes Ammendment Act.  

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