Frequently Asked Questions

The following documents relate to our move towards BYOiPad, starting with Y5 students in 2016 and may answer some of your questions about this program and the reasons why we believe BYOiPad is the best decision for our students


Commonly Asked Questions:

What type of iPad will my child need?

Our students have used all types of iPads and any, other than the iPad 1 are suitable for this programme.

Does the school have a preferred supplier?

No.  We have no special arrangements in place with any supplier.


What Apps will I need?

A list of Apps that are used as part of the classroom programme will be supplied.


What protection will the kids have against inappropriate material online?

The school has a filter set up that blocks access to inappropriate links and sites.  If the schools server is being used, it will automatically block these.  


How much time will children be spending on devices?

This will vary, but the iPad is only used when it is the most appropriate tool for learning.  


How will the device be protected from damage?

All iPads must have a hard cover to protect against damage.  Children are taught about the care of their iPad and instruction is given about protecting it to and from school, by not walking along with it in their hands.  IPads are not able to be used out of class time and are locked in the classroom during breaks.


What happens if the iPad is lost or damaged?

The school will endeavour to supply a device to be used during school until parents can repair or replace items.  The school accepts no responsibility for broken or lost devices, but we will do everything in our power to prevent this and to investigate if this occurs.


What do I do if my child is involved with inappropriate group discussions or bullying?

The school is happy to deal with an incidences of cyberbullying or poor online choices by students.  This tends to happen out of school hours, but we believe it is our roll to educate all students and be seen to actively discourage poor choices.


What happens if I cannot afford to purchase a device for my child?

Please come and talk to us and we will do our best to come up with a suitable solution.


Why does BYOiPad start in Year 5?

We believe that by the time students reach Year 5 the have sufficient responsibility to be able to manage a device of this value and fragility.  Children in Year 1-4 have access to computers and iPads as part of their classroom programme and are learning the fundamental skills that should be cemented by the time they reach Year 5.






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To determine that an enrolee and family live in-zone, documentation  (as per attached) must be produced and verified before an enrolment pack is issued.  To ensure the enrolment process is conducted in a timely manner, we suggest getting in touch with us six weeks prior to your child's 5th birthday.

Out of Zone Applications:

The Board will consider applications from out-of-zone siblings (Category 2) twice per year, in March and September.  If enough places are deemed availble, a ballot will be held.  

In September of each year, the Board looks at number projections for the following year and may consider entry for out-of-zone students under Category 1 - Special Programmes (E-Learning), this usually only applies to entry at Year 7/8.

No other out-of-zone places are currently available.

The Board will not consider applications previously found to be fradulent, or suspected to be fradulant, under ANY out-of-zone ballot.

The Board will take action against fradulent enrolment applications, under the Crimes Ammendment Act.  

2014 Verify Document.pdf72.39 KB

The yellow shaded area on the attached map shows our school zone (all of Henriette Place is included).  If you are unsure whether you live in-zone, please contact the school office directly.  If you are looking to buy a house in The Gardens, we strongly advise you double check with the school if there is any doubt about whether the property is in-zone or not.  

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Students have the option to purchase lunches as follows:

Tuesday: Hell Pizza  (money in named envelope with order to the Principal's office on Tuesday morning)

YELLOW - Ham/Cheese/Pineapple            BLUE - Chicken/Cranberry sauce

ORANGE - Ham/Cheese                          BLACK - Salami/BBQ sauce

GREEN - Vegetarian

Wednesday-Friday: Kidz Kafe (order each morning at 8:30am outside Poutama) (see attached)

Kid's Cafe menu 2015.pdf68.29 KB

School re-opens on 3rd February 2014

If paid by 31 March 2014 these are:


$180 per child

$360 per 2 children

$400 per family ($3+ children)


Paid termly these are:

$50 per child ($200 per year)

$95 for 2 children ($380 per year)

$105 per family ($420 per year)




123083 0357534 00

A stationery list will be available online to place your orders near the end of the year.  Any queries please contact the Office PH269 0041 extn 800.

STATIONERY PURCHASES: Go to, type in 'The Gardens' to

search for our school then find the appropriate year group for your child. 

If your child requires new stationery items during the school year, these can be purchased through the school office.



School Timetable

8.50am- 10.40am Block One

Fuel (Morning Tea) 10.40am-11.00am

11.00am-12.30pm Block Two

Refuel (Lunch) 12.30pm-1.20pm

1.30pm-2.50 pm Block Three

Full School Assemblies are held once a month, usually at the end of the month.  Keep an eye on the Bulletin for exact dates.  Parents are welcome to attend these assemblies.


It is our expectation that all students wear our official school uniform, correctly and to a high standard, at all times.

Our school uniform is sold at our on-site uniform shop, open Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons. Orders can be made through the office at other times.  The school is the only official supplier of The Gardens School uniform.

Please note: The old red sweatshirt is no longer an official school uniform item.

All uniform items must be named in a prominent place.  Please do not name hats on the brim.  

School PE Gear must be worn for all fitness and sports activities.

Each child will require the following items:

Y0-6: Polo shirt, shorts or culottes, bucket hat, PE gear, white or black ankle socks, polar fleece jacket or polar fleece sweatshirt 

Y7-8:  Polo shirt, shorts with knee high boys socks, skirt or skort with black or white ankle socks, bucket hat or Y7/8 black cap,  PE gear, polar fleece jacket or polar fleece sweatshirt  

To meet the School Uniform Policy, plain black shoes or black sandals (flat soled and excluding sports shoes) form part of the school uniform.  Shoes should be hard-wearing and stay on well.  We advise an appropriate school shoe - not a “fashion” shoe.  Shoelaces must be black.  

Hats are compulsory clothing items for Terms 1 and 4. 

Winter options include the grey undershirt, which can be worn with or without the polo shirt, the school rain jacket, beanie and scarf. Y0-6 students may wear the long black pants in winter. Girls of all levels may wear black tights (not footless) or knee-high black socks, during the winter terms. 


You may contact the school Principal by emailing her direct on: