Numeracy at The Gardens   Our vision is for every Year 8 child to leave The Gardens School at Curriculum Level 4 (GloSS Strategy Stage 7 – Advanced Multiplicative) or above.   Rationale:   Numeracy is a major influence in all aspects of students’ daily lives, at school, at play and at home. Children develop literacy and understanding in Mathematics through developing knowledge and strategies that enable them to explore mathematical ideas, to solve problems and to think creatively. All new learning builds on learning from previous levels.   Purpose:   ·    To ensure that effective Numeracy education is delivered at all levels according to the New Zealand Curriculum. ·    To ensure students are given the opportunity to explore mathematics, think critically and process information. ·    To enable children to use and communicate their mathematics knowledge and strategies in a variety of contexts so that mathematics is seen as relevant and useful. ·    To foster and develop the mathematical talent of children with special abilities.   Guidelines:   ·    The New Zealand Curriculum document will be the basis of our programme work. ·    Care will be taken to provide a balanced programme, covering the 3 strands of the curriculum. ·    Programmes will reflect the needs, experiences and backgrounds of the students. ·    A variety of teaching approaches will be used to cater for the range of learning styles of the students. ·    Annual budget allocations will be provided for staff professional development and the purchasing of resources. ·    Ongoing Curriculum review will occur. ·    Opportunities will be provided for students to engage in and develop the full range of Key Competencies ·    Teachers will be responsible for the ongoing Mathematics programmes in their classrooms and for the monitoring and assessment of student achievement along with the child to discuss his/her future learning needs.    
Approximate time/focus on Numeracy will be: 

  Number and Algebra Strand Geometry & Measurement Strand Statistics Strand
Level 1: Yrs 1 - 3 80% 10% 10%
   Level 2: Yrs 3 - 5 80% 10% 10%
   Level 3: Yrs 5 - 7 50% 25% 25%
   Level 4: Yrs 7 - 8 50% 25% 25%

      Lesson Format will include a warm up, work out and a plenary (sharing of the learning) component.  

Warm up 5 minutes
Work out 1 group 45 minutes
Plenary 5 minutes
Total time Approx. 55 minutes

  ·     The NZ Numeracy Teaching Model of using materials, to imaging, to number operations (generalisations) will be evident in all planning and practice.   Group Teaching   ·     Children will be grouped according to their strategy stages. Ideally there should only be 3/4 groups in each class. ·     If knowledge gaps are identified it may be appropriate to group accordingly for a short time to meet needs. ·     Cross grouping according to strategy stages may occur where necessary.     Independent Learning   ·     Students not involved in group teaching should be engaged in meaningful independent activities. ·      These activities could include: -       practice of prior learning -       practice of knowledge activities -       maintenance -       purposeful games -       computers -       logic and reasoning activities -       use of learning centre -       Mathletics

Partnership with Parents
·     Teachers will report to parents on the strategy stage and curriculum level of each child twice a year in written format against the National Standards. ·     Parents will be encouraged to support knowledge learning at home in an informal way and by ensuring mathematics homework is completed. ·     Parents will be aware of the Families section on the NZ Maths website at

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