Poutama is the stepped pattern of tukutuku panels and woven mats, symbolising genealogies and also the various levels of learning and intellectual achievement. Some say they represent the steps which Tāne-o-te-wānanga ascended to the topmost realm in his quest for superior knowledge.

Our Poutama Centre's purpose is to give students every opportunity to capitalise on anywhere, anytime and just in time learning opportunities through ...
•   Authentic learning, purposeful and with genuine learner ownership
• Taking on an integrated approach to learning

• Taking action to address and improve real issues (‘so what’ action)
• Ensuring authentic thinking occurs in context within the learning process


• Strengthening independent learning capabilities
• Emphasising self management skills


• Reflecting on practice and actions and making informed decisions
• Making learning fun with personal enjoyment and satisfaction


• Preparing for our rapidly changing, technological orientated world
• Explicitly teaching a wide variety of ICT tools
• Encouraging innovation and entrepreneurial thinking
• Emphasising creativity

                                      • Setting high standards and expectations

                                                     • Challenging the learner

                                                  • Aspiring to be the best we can be

                                                and encouraging a risk taking culture