Puketutu Hapori (Year 1 and 2)

Hapori Leader: Mishkah Baartman

Welcome to The Puketutu Hapori

Our Hapori is one of three junior school teams and consists of a group of three classes (Year 0-2), and four teachers.  Our teachers are Mrs Baartman, (Hapori leader) and Miss Hansen in Weka 1 with New Entrants, Miss Williams in Kereru 1 and Mrs McDonald in Keruru 2.

Our team vision is

  • To provide a strong foundation for the start of your child’s schooling, with a huge focus on basic skills and knowledge.

  • To provide an inclusive, caring, and safe environment for learning

  • To build strong relationships


In 2016 we are planning to work more collaboratively within our team. We are excited to plan, teach, and share our knowledge and skills ‘cheek by jowl’. This year our Inquiry Learning focus is based around ‘Living in a World of Change’, this will incorporate Science, Visual Art and Technology and begins with 'The Rocky Shore' theme.

We will continue to focus on elevating our Literacy and Numeracy skills.  A new language (Mandarin) is being introduced this year to learners from year 1-6, and PE, Music, and library skills will form part of our weekly organization.

Our Hapori blog will be run as a unit, where all classes within the team will post the latest updates, information on what is happening within our Hapori, activities, etc.

To get to know us better http://www.thegardens.school.nz/our-people

Here’s to an exciting year ahead!


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