Reporting on Student Achievement

Reporting against National Standards:

We are required to report on children's progress against National Standards, twice a year.  Up to the end of Year 4, children receive regular reports that are based on how long they have been at school.  This means that reports are being completed every month in the junior school, so your child may not get a report at the same time as other children in the class.  If you are unsure when your child is due for their next report, please ask their classroom teacher.  From Year 5 - 8, reports are sent home in June and December.  

In Years 0-4, you can expect a report on your child's progress at the following times:

5 Years 1 Month: (Children are tested on a range on literacy and mathematics concepts within their first month at school.  You will then recieve a report and will be invited in for an interview.  This testing gives teachers a good idea of what skills and knowledge students already have in place when they start school)

Progress Reports are completed at 5.5years, 6.5years, 7.5years, 8.5 years and 9.5 years (if your child is still in Year 4) - followed by a parent/teacher interview

Anniversary Reports are completed at 6 years, 7 years, 8 years and 9 years - followed by a parent/teacher interview

Student Portfolios:

All students work throughout the year to complete a learning portfolio to show what they have been doing in class.  These come home twice a year in June and December.  The portfolio of work provides an excellent starting point for talking about your child's learning with them.


Meet the Teacher:

In 2016 we are holding an "Open to Learning Evening" in March, for all families to have an opportunity to meet the teachers who are working with their children this year.

Y0-4 Parent/Teacher interviews are held after you recieve a school entry/progress or anniversary report.

Year 5-8 Parent/Teacher interviews are held in late June/early July, following the mid-year report.


Extra Information:

Below are 2 supporting documents that are sent home with our school reports.  These give the expected levels of achievement from 5.5 years of age, through to the end of Year 8.

Also attached are documents form the Ministry of Education, which you may find interesting:

National Standards - How well is my child doing?

Effective Teaching - What's happening in my child's classroom?  Published by the Education Review Office

If at any time you are concerned about your child's progress, please speak to their classroom teacher.  You do not need to wait for a report to come home first.



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