Hapori / Teams

In 2016, we will be adapting the structure of our traditional Junior/Senior/Intermediate teams, to create smaller “Hapori” groups.  Each of these “Hapori” will be made up of 3 or 4 classes of students, who will work with 3 or 4 teachers, in increasingly collaborative teaching environments.  We believe that our Hapori groups will provide close-knit, connected learning communities for students.  Students will have a wider group of peers to learn with and from, they will also form stronger relationships with several teachers. Teachers will be able to share their strengths with a wider group of students and there will be a greater opportunity for students to learn in ways that suit them best.


Hapori teachers will plan together and work alongside each other, to ensure the best outcomes for the students in their group. 


What Hapori are NOT

Specialist teachers who run a rotation of classes or lessons

Streamed classes where children are grouped based on ability


Our 2016 Hapori Groups are as follows:  

Puketutu Hapori:        New Entrant – younger Year 2 Students

Rangitoto Hapori:       Year 2 – Year 4 Students

Motutapu Hapori:       Year 2 – Year 4 Students

Puektapapa Hapori:    Year 5 BYOiPad and Year 6 non-eLearning

Owairaka Hapori:        Year 6 eLearning and Year 6 non-eLearning

Maungakiekie Hapori:  Year 7 and Year 8 students, including eLearning

Matanga Hapori:         Specailist teachers - PE, music, technology, science, languages etc.